miss_rayon (miss_rayon) wrote,

peel slowly and see

As I posted in my regular journal, I had a strange dream involving Maureen Tucker a little bit ago. 'Twas weird. Babies, cheese and pills all involved.

I have been working on this painting that i've kept hush-hush due to my superstitious nature. I fear if I talk about it, I will fuck it all up. However, I am so proud of it thus far that I must say something somewhere... It's a fairly large painting of the Velvet Underground. This picture to be exact. I am having a ball working on it. I just hope I haven't jinxed it by the mere mention.

I also now have a Warhol desktop theme that comes complete with Velvet Underground sounds. Hell, my pointer is a banana! I'm diggin' it. I found it here. Search 'Warhol'.

I know this is late in coming but I would just like to say hello to all my newly added friends on here. :)
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